Artist-scholars emerge from class of 2019

By Linda Chin
June 7, 2019

It’s commencement season! Sampan gives a special shout-out to graduates from colleges in New England actively involved in storytelling. This includes stories about the Asian American experience — as authors, filmmakers, journalists, creative and performing artists — fields not known for job security and financial stability. Bravo to them for taking the leap, so America’s cultural products more accurately reflect our diversity. Through them, future generations will have mentors and greater opportunities.

Name: Skyler Chin
Hometown: New Hyde Park, New York
School, major: Yale University, environmental studies and energy studies
Proudest college moment: My proudest college moment was in April, performing three sold-out shows of “Illegal: A New Musical,” that I spent a good part of my senior year writing, composing and producing.

I was inspired by stories about family members being detained on Angel Island, taking paper names, living in New York City’s Chinatown. Researching these under-represented stories taught me that incredible material is right there if you look for it; all I had to do was make it rhyme in English. Working with the supremely talented pan-Asian American cast showed me that making compelling art carries the responsibility of lifting others up. I seek to carve out a space for untold stories and diverse performers to shine.

Other college highlights included making the individual NCAA fencing championships, completing thesis research on Legionnaires’ disease, and leading an Office of Sustainability student team for two years.

Plans: I’m seeking entertainment, business or environmental jobs while continuing creative projects – writing music, musicals, comedy and martial arts stories, developing and workshopping “Illegal.” I’m mixing the cast album as we speak!

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